Odell Beckham And The Browns Are Going To Be Must Watch TV Next Season

Lock it in now Cleveland to win the AFC North. Basically a lock at this point the Browns are adding talent while the rest of the division is losing talent.

Besides that we get to see Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham on the same field next year. Two of the most electric players in the league on the same team. Oh and yeah Odell and Jarvis, two best friends, are back with each other just like their LSU days.

The Browns are ALIVE everyone they will make the playoff this year. This is a great trade for the Browns. They get one of the best receivers in the game during his prime for another five seasons. You now add Beckham to a lineup with Baker, Hunt, Landry, Njoku, and Chubb that is an explosive offense.

I thought the Browns would have to give up more to get Beckham this a s STEAL. Odell gets a fresh start and he will be happy winning games in Cleveland so that will shut him up.

As for the Giants they did not get the best deal for Beckham. Seeing what Antonio Brown went for this might have been the only deal the Giants thought was good enough to pull the trigger on.

The Giants are not bad enough to compete for the first overall pick but not good enough for the playoffs so just blow it up now and start over. Now they just have to hit on those picks.

The Browns will be must-watch TV next season. They’re going to be electric on offense. Plus they got themselves a pretty pretty pretty good defensive line as well.

I can not wait to watch Odell and Jarvis and their touchdown celebrations next year. They will be planning all offseason.

I will be riding the Browns over every game next year. Things are looking up in Cleveland.



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