Antonio Brown Gets The Last Laugh Out Of Pittsburgh

Antonio Brown wanted out of Pittsburgh and he got his wish. Brown demanded a trade and an agreement has been reached between the Steelers and Raiders. Oakland gets Brown while Pittsburgh gets a third and fifth round pick in this years draft.

Essentially the Raiders traded Amari Cooper a third and a firth for Brown and a first round pick. I’d say Gruden and the Raiders did well for themselves.

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As for Brown, he is the other clear winner in this trade. Brown wanted a new contract which restricted the Steelers on where they could trade the star receiver. Oakland was able to offer that request and they made brown one of the highest paid players in the game, which makes him the highest paid receiver in the game.

Brown will get $30 million guaranteed and he is now due to earn $50 million through 2021. He can also hit his incentives which could earn him earn an extra $15 million.

Another reason why Brown gets the last laugh is how much he will cost against the Steelers salary cap this season.

Hey Antonio you see how much you count towards the Steelers cap this year?

Good for Brown using his leverage, the man was a sixth-round pick and is now one of the best wide receivers in the league. Brown got the payday he deserved.

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