Drake Can Go Kick Rocks

You want to know what is sad? Its Drake because he actually thinks he is part of the Raptors. He is out there at the games acting like a complete fool. Last series the NBA stepped in and ask the Raptors to speak to Drake about his actions court-side. The dude wants all the attention, hey Drake take a step back and let the players enjoy the moment.

All people are talking about is Drake and what he did the previous game and what will he do the next game. Kick rocks Drake you buffoon. According to Spittin’ Chiclets host Paul Bissonette, Drake and his crew are obnoxious whenever they roll around Toronto and people can’t stand them.

It seems to be a bit too late for the NBA to step in and calm Drake down. Last night he was going at it with Draymond Green while he was walking off the court.

Now I am actually fine with this interaction. Draymond likes to talk trash so you know he was going right at Drake’s throat and pretty weak comeback by Drake saying ‘Y’all trash” you need to do better vs Draymond there.

Aside from this the rest of his actions are pathetic. Sit down during the game and stay in your lane. You did nothing to get the Raptors to the finals so don’t take any credit you bum. Drake literally ran up to Nick Nurse and was rubbing his shoulders, to me that’s pathetic and embarrassing for the league.

Drake is a superstar no doubt about it but he is also an attention whore. You have your attention on stage performing and acting gigs, the NBA playoffs is not your time to shine.

Jimmy Brooks you can go kick rocks.


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