Manny Machado could be heading to New York any day now

Manny Machado is the prised target on the trade block this year. The Yankees are one of the best teams in baseball and they are looking to improve. With Machado available, the Yankees are showing strong interest acquire him.

The rich get richer:

The Yankees already have a loaded lineup, they are just smashing the cover off the ball this year. Add Machado and it’s the best lineup in baseball. The question is, where does Machado play? That’s the least of the Yankees worries because when you add Machado he’s an instant upgrade. It could be a simple move of Gregorius to third or second and Torres switches as well but again when you have a chance to add Manny you do it.

The price for Machado will be high and it will be interesting to see if Justus Sheffield and or Miguel Andujar are available. Both players are top prospects and I don’t expect both to be heading to Baltimore. One will be dealt for Machado and the other for a possible starting pitcher. Machado has been linked to the Yankees for years now. Heck, just this season there was outrage over Aaron Judge telling Machado he’d look good in pinstripes.

As a Red Sox fan, I hate this. It already adds to this deep Yankee lineup. Now, I am confident we will win the division and avoid the play-in game. The Red Sox need bullpen help and I’m confident Dave Dombrowski will focus on that. Would I like to see Machado in a Sox uniform? ABSOLUTELY, but one slight problem we have a depleted farm system.

We could see Machado traded any day now. Looking at Instagram it seems Machado is a fan of playing in New York based on this liked picture.