The Colts Are A Pathetic Franchise And Deserve To Lose This Week

The Colts are such a pathetic franchise and they should be embarrassed with themselves. They defeated the Texans during Wild Card Weekend which was not a surprise to anyone. The Colts decided to wave a 1-0 flag outside Lucas Oil Stadium.


You do you Colts. Such a pathetic move from a pathetic franchise. Having a flag that says 1-0 waving outside your stadium I just think is a stupid move. Woooooooo we beat the Texans lets tell everyone we’re 1-0, shut up Irsay and Colts. You won a WILD CARD game not a Super Bowl or AFC Championship and Wild Card Game. Lets tell everyone what we accomplished this week.

Reminds me of a move that the Colts did after they got blown out vs the Patriots in the 2014 AFC Championship Game. They lost the game 45-7 and claimed the balls were deflated which caused the biggest witch hunt in the history of the world.

Let’s not forget when the Colts GM, Chris Ballard, said the rivalry is back on with the Patriots. The Colts haven’t beaten the Patriots since 2009, yeah that’s a real rivalry Ballard. He was probably hanging out with Jim Irsay a little too much before he said that.

The Colts are a very good team this year I will give them that. They have a legit chance vs the Chiefs this week but having a 1-0 flag outside your stadium you deserve to lose. How about when you lose this week you going to wave a 1-1 flag? The Colts are the worst and I hope they lose by 1000 this week.

Never forget the fake punt.


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