The Red Sox Are Dead

BOSTON, MA - JULY 30: David Price #10 of the Boston Red Sox reacts as he is pulled from the game in the fifth inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park on July 30, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

I have been waiting for so long for the Red Sox to turn a corner and I have realized that will not happen. Just over a week ago the Sox took three out of four from New York and there was hope the Sox were coming alive. It was just a tease.

The Red Sox caved and got their asses kicked by Tampa and New York again. Currently, the Red Sox are 14.5 games back of New York for the division, you can kiss that goodbye if you have not already. As for the Wild Card, they are 6.5 back but time is running out and after this series in New York lets go ahead and kiss the Wild Card goodbye. Eight straight losses for the Red Sox and it feels like rock bottom has hit for the team.

A live look of Sox fans the rest of the summer. There were high hopes for this team. Coming off the greatest season in franchise history and the return of basically the whole roster, fans had high expectations for this season. What ultimately killed them is what should have killed them last year, the bullpen.

Their bullpen has 20 blown saves this year, good for fifth in the entire MLB. Three teams ahead of them are from the National League and the other team ahead of them is Oakland, who is currently ahead of the Sox in the Wild Card standings by six games.

It makes you think where the Red Sox would be if they had a closer. The team thought they could do what they did in the postseason last year and make it work all year and that has exploded right in their face. If you resign Kimbrel at the bare minimum you cut those 20 blown saves down to 10, instead of 14 back of New York you’re now four and have a Wild Card spot at the bare minimum.

Don’t forget about how bad the top of the rotation has been. Do you know what the Red Sox record is this year when Price or Sale take the mound? 17-27, that is a .386 winning percentage. They are 42-28 when anybody else takes the mound. Those two guys are supposed to be your aces and they are not living up to that title.

The organization as a whole should be embarrassed with themselves for this season. You have the highest payroll in the MLB and it looks like they will not make the playoffs. I have officially announced that the 2019 Boston Red Sox are DEAD.

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